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I refer to my appetite/food brain as an "it" (when applicable, I also call my hangovers "it") because while I could eat anything, really, my appetite has a mind of its own.

  1. Need soup. Do not have enough of any kind of ingredients to make a soup (that I want).
  2. It is too cold outside to acquire ingredients. By the time my car will heat up, I'll be at the store and have to get out of it again! That's, like, 10 minutes in the cold weather.
  3. My huge asshole of a fiancé WON'T go buy me soup. What an asshole! How else are we supposed to eat? This can't possibly be my problem.

UPDATE: Boyancé had to run to work, so I told him if he stops by the store I will make him soup for dinner. We have some of the things needed for a chicken noodle so I'm going to go that direction. What is your favorite chicken noodle soup recipe/process? I was going to stick to basic (well, basic for me = basic + spicy stuff) but I thought if you guys had some good ideas...!

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