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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It never ends

Today our other reading space in the school was unavailable suddenly, without notice or a clear idea of when we’ll be able to use it again.

I went to speak with the folks in the office about finding another place to read, and the school principal (an old white man, for context) was there, but the super helpful associate principal (a young woman) was out today sadly. The principal (half jokingly?) said I was being demanding when I mentioned that we need a space that won’t be used for indoor recess, and called me “dear.”


I am so fucking glad this job ends with the school year. I will figure out a solution to this problem, although it is hard because all of the classrooms seem to have some club or indoor recess or SOMETHING in them during lunchtime. But I just had to vent. I know the other teacher who took the old reading space we used really needs it and I respect that, but would it have killed the administration to shoot us an email?

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