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Welcome To The Bitchery

It really confuses me when people my age (25) choose really

ugly dresses for the bridesmaids in their wedding. I thought we learned better from our elders and 00s rom-coms.


I bring this up because I was creeping on Facebook like I do, and I noticed some girls I went to high school with were tagged in some photos from the wedding of another former classmate. And let me tell you, the bridesmaids' dresses were fug. They were bright emerald green with huge ruffled halter tops and knee-length hems. And with those dresses, all of them were wearing nude-colored heels. Yuck. I'm no fashion expert, but the green was just too bright, the ruffles were just no, and only one girl was really pulling it off (probably because she is super pale). Also, what was with the shoes? I'm really disappointed none of the bride's friends tried to talk her out of the ruffles or at least into dyeing the shoes to match the dresses.

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