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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It’s about ethics in metal detecting

We live in the neighborhood where everyone comes to see fireworks on the Fourth. Last night, our streets were packed with parked cars. We also have a bunch of road works going on so the sidewalks and boulevards are torn up and there’s a lot of dirt where the grass should be.

An hour ago, two cars pulled up and a bunch of guys with metal detectors and shovels got up and they’ve been combing the neighborhood since.


Do detectorists practice “finder’s keepers”?

Like, change is, whatever, but to come out to a random neighborhood you don’t live in, with the express purpose of metal detecting, I have to assume if you find a ring, you are keeping it? Cause that’s shitty, right?  Or are you a do-gooder hoping to reunite people with lost property?

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