Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It’s been a day (venting OT?)

Besides everything that’s obviously going on in the world, I think I have yet another migraine coming on because today is just relentlessly awful for no particular reason. I’ve been weepy and short tempered since I got out of bed, and my coordination is not all it could be. I broke one of our nice cocktail glasses while trying to wash a couple dishes. The stupid spoons got stuck in the dishwasher’s silverware rack and I scraped my thumb trying to work them out so I angrily threw them into the maw of the machine then sat down to cry for a while. None of my regular hobbies or crafts sound appealing, they aren’t the mental escape I usually count on them to be. Isolation is weighing heavy. I haven’t seen my kid in six months and don’t know when I will again. She and I are both immune compromised, so we’re trying to be paranoid levels of cautious. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow if this is actually migraine prodrome, as it seems to be. Ugh. At least LordSparrow is on alert, and he’ll be monitoring my condition. I’m so ready for this to end. 


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