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Welcome To The Bitchery

"It’s just that the dumbest ones are usually the loudest ones."

This post just rolled through my FB feed and I gave it a read. It's a fucking breath of fresh air on the Parenting Is Not About Defining Gender Roles battlefield. I was impressed with both its content and delivery. Read it here on the writer's personal blog so you can give him the page clicks instead of the site that's running it. Less chance of encountering the MRAA*.

The writer is a Dad who's taking paternity leave to take care of his two daughters so he can bond with the newborn. This guy has a great perspective on what co-parenting is and what it isn't. He's pretty deft about avoiding the rhetorical traps that critics like to hunt for, but I think (and the comments here agree) that this is a matter of him actually having a seriously laudable attitude towards What Being A Dad Means and has great reasons for Why This Is Philosophy Is A Very Good Thing. He's also remarkably candid about the hateful bile people spew at him.


I'm not able to speak with any authority on the topic of parenting and gender roles, which is one reason why I would like to read what people who can relate to it have to say. My question is: Do you have criticisms of the author's post? If so, what are they? To my mind, this guy knows what's up, but like I said, my perspective is incredibly underdeveloped.

*The second A is for Army. Menz' Rights Activist Army.

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