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It’s really happening!!!!! (Afternoon OT)

I had my first appointment at the fertility clinic today and it went well!! Some medical stuff after the Pemi spacer. If you don’t want to read about my ovaries feel free to use the comments for whatever!

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So the doc (who I totally love and HusbandVader liked him too, score) sat and talked with us for an hourish about our history, questions, and a possible plan. He said that if all of my testing comes back good this month, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, then we can do an intrauterine insemination (IUI) in January! Which is crazy close!! We did a quick ultrasound, which sucked because I’m on my period, and he said my ovaries looked a liiiiiittle polycystic (an indication of possible PCOS or just a side effect of the fertility drug I’ve been on) but nothing too concerning. Then they took NINE VIALS of blood. While I’m on my period. With a migraine. That part was not at all fun and after we got home I took a two hour nap. We also met my nurse, the patient navigator (who helps set up appointments and calls with test results, I think), and the finance person. Next week I have to go in for a saline sonogram, where they shoot saline solution into the uterus and then look with the ultrasound to make sure the cavity is clear of any debris or abnormalities, and then I’m done with testing for the month! And January is soooooo clooooose. I finally feel hopeful about all this fertility stuff for the first time in YEARS.

Again, OT for everyone! Have at it!

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