I went to my good friend's wedding shower today and it was such a blast. It was at this cute little bed and breakfast and the bridesmaids cooked all the food for it. The food was delicious, everyone had a great time, there were mimosas and the most amazing lemonade I've ever had. My friend was glowing the whole day and you could just tell how thrilled she was to have her closest friends and family there with her. After the shower wrapped up, the bridesmaids and bride all asked that I stay and hang out with them while they cleaned up. I was a potential bridesmaid but because of my pregnancy the bride didn't want to put any additional pressure on me. I was grateful for that but at the same time I feel a little left out at times. My BFF leads me out to the patio and surprise! They have a birthday cake complete with candles for me. Today is also my 26th birthday. I was so shocked and just felt really touched that they all would think of me on my friend's special day. So we had cake and they had wine and we chatted and hugged.

I just got home now and Mr. Haa presented me with a certificate for 3 prenatal massages and two birthday cards, one from him and one from baby. I melted; it was so darn cute. He's taking me out to dinner later and then we'll cuddle on the couch and watch Django Unchained with out kitties. I've never been much of a party animal and I gotta say this has been my best birthday in a long time.