So, basically I've started two posts on this (and I think they were'h!), so if it like, makes no sense, my bad.

Basically, I've been walking around depressed/like a zombie/in a dream state for the past week. Sucked. I'm prone to depression, and I thought it was just a super bad episode. But nothing really seemed real, so I thought I was also going through a fugue state (again). So I called the docs, my professors, everyone in 'the know'. Really ate at me.

Then I get up this morning and go to my water bottle. As I'm about to take a drink, I see this round yellow pill sitting on the bottom. My first thought: "What the heck?". So I took a look, and saw that (thank god) it wasn't a Xanax (I think if it was I would be really fucked), but an Abilify. I have no idea how it got in there. Maybe I accidentally spat it in when I was taking my medications.

Basically, I've been drinking Abilify water for a week. My doctor said I should be better in about 5 days (so by Monday, which is 9th week, which sucks), but I'm going tomorrow because I have shit to do. Ain't nobody got time for Abilify water.