I did a terrible, disgusting, passive aggressive thing to my partner to express displeasure with his participation in the care and upkeep of his apartment.

If anybody asks, it was totally an accident, I "forgot." But I'm not sorry.

What sorts of stunts do you pull when your S.O. makes a crappy roommate? Tell me enough funny stories and I'll admit what I did.


Disclaimer: It's the end of the semester. 432 of my online students are getting out of jail/the hospital/some other major life disaster that I legitimately need to help them work around, but the extra time/drain on resources is starting to get stressful. Meanwhile 7,981 of my face-to-face students just realized they were in major violation of the attendance policy, and did I mention it's audition season again? I'm not going to be the best version of myself again until mid to late May.

Tell me your stories. Let us evil chuckle together.