Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Take care! They said. We’re so happy for you....

I’m rounding down the first week of my last two weeks and it has been a SHIT SHOW. I was front loaded with things they wanted me to get done before I left (which of course, I was expecting that) but they are also randomly sending me projects to get done (projects that would normally take longer than 2 weeks) because they suddenly realize no one else can/will do them. Cool guys.

And to top that off, since I’m now in charge of 1000 little details, I made a mistake. A human mistake, a mistake that anyone could make, but instead of my direct manager coming to talk to me about it, all the managers get together and decide this is an indictment on my character and then they send the one manager friendliest to me to tell me that they would prefer to send me off “with a good reference” which left me apologizing like a kid who broke a window but threatening to give me a bad reference because of this? NO FUCKING WAY. It didn’t even cause an issue, it was the IDEA that it might that sent everyone off.


I am still pissed as hell and this happened yesterday. Apparently all of my hard work and ass busting this past two years means nothing because trying my best to stay focused in a storm of “can you do” emails is not good enough.

RAGE. Shoulda just done this last year and been done with it.

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