And I am pondering what to do with a potato that sprouted.

Backstory: I got a potato from a friend of mine who farms. It has black skin, and is bright purple on the inside. I tried one of them raw, and they're very starchy and I imagine they'd be very yummy when cooked.

So I got a potato, and intended to make it for dinner one night. But then things happened, and I kind of left it on my desk and forgot about it. And a few months later, it's got a nice sprout.

I'm really tempted to make it grow so I can have lots of purple potatoes and not just one. But I'm not sure how to do this. It seems pretty happy living on my desk, but I don't know how to plant it to make sure it makes more potatoes.

And the other problem is that I can't plant it in my garden; I had some serious tomato fungus issues last summer and from what I've read potatoes are susceptible to the same fungi. I have to give the garden a rest for a few years for any plant that'll catch tomato fungi, so planting it in the garden is out of the question.


Can you grow potatoes in a pot?