Alright West Coast, you fucking win! I'm probably not up right now! Maybe I am, who knows! This is the last installment for tonight and final installment for the weekend's GROUPDRINK!

LET US SEE YOUR FASHION! Favorite clothing you own? Favorite shoes (SHOW ME YOUR SHOES!!)?! Something you wish you could buy? Show us the damn fashion! If you nail polish scoundrels overtake this post...well, that'd be okay, too!

If Penny is online at 2AM PST, she's GROUPDRINK BOSS!

If you find these motherfuckers in my size, well first you'll have to buy them for me because I can't afford that shit, but I will...I whatever you want! Just give me these shoes!!


I will see you lovely folk tomorrow night for TamTam's Sherlock Viewing Party!


And I will see you next weekend for GROUPDRINK!