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Oh. Mah. Gah.

So. I was planning on being out of my apartment at the end of August. I dropped off a revised lease with my last rent payment telling them I wanted to stay through the end of September. I get a call today...a pissy call..."um, gurl, you are not moved out of your apartment and someone is moving in on Friday." Apparently they called me on the 13th and I never got the message. So, surprise! I had to FUCKING MOVE OUT. Tonight. Well, tomorrow officially.


I have been packing all night. And I can't sleep. I just got back from a long flight from Chicago yesterday (?) at like 1am and got just a few hours sleep. My boyfriend is being a turd. My ex is being supportive all the while side-eyeing me because OMGIAMSONOTRESPONSIBLE. My kid...my darling son, is totally sick. I saw him for a flash this evening when I picked him up from school and dropped him with my parents.

My eyeballs are like:

My boyfriend and I watched a lot of TV over the long weekend and without giving away spoilers...the most recent Newsroom made me shout. Like, "THAT WAS BOMB!" at the end. Jane Fonda needs to be studied in a lab for fabulousness. Luther. OMG Luther. Okay. Okay...I am obsessed with whomever creates the score in the second season. I obsessively hunted for the songs on YouTube without luck. Also, the second season is awesome frightening. I jumped out of my skin, levitated, as my boyfriend put, during a scene in the first ep of the second season. So much good.

So, it's almost 4am and at this point I'm staying up and praying to the gods that I don't have a seizure on the road to work from lack of sleep.


I hope you all had a SUPER awesome long weekend. I am not sure what's going on in the world except that apparently it's on with Syria and that one creepy dude killed himself.

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