Guys, 'member yesterday, when I was all, "It's gonna be a great day!"?

Well, despite my best efforts, it ended up being less than great. I got a killer migraine and had to cancel movie (Mockingjay!) plans with a friend. The rest of the night kinda sucked as I had to tend to the thing in my head trying to kill me.

But whatever, I slept, I woke up without the headache, things should be good.

Only, when I was standing up from the toilet this morning (EVERYONE POOPS, GUYS), something popped in my back and the pain literally took my breath away. Now, I'm trying to stretch and still breathing shallowly through the pain. :(

I'm gathering papers and distributing instructions for finals today, so there's no way I can miss work. If I could, I totally would and set up an emergency massage or chiropractor visit or something. Instead, I'll be walking through the halls hunched and wincing.

Booooo! Thursday sucks already! Boooooo!