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It's 9PM...Time for NEVER HAVE I EVER...and...I'm HERE!

I hope the 8 o'clock hour of Groupdrink was AMAZING! If you can't tell... I'm in the mood for crazy party gifs this week! I should 100% be back from my Christmas Party (so off my phone on and onto my computer for Groupdrink) so I think right now is ideal for NEVER HAVE I EVER (suggested my our own Lizzhaa!)!!

The Rules (or general idea...I'm not that bossy):

Whoever starts the thread says, "Never have I ever...[done whatever]." If you haven't played the game IRL, this would normally involve a bunch of drinking. I am in NO WAY ADVOCATING NOT DRINKING. DRINK, FRIENDS! Or DON'T DRINK. DO WHAT YOU DO!


Everyone else responds to the person who started the thread! You can a) let us know that you have also never done this activity OR b) share with us that you have (and maybe include a good story!)

I'm excited about this...so this event is going to run longer than our normal EVENTS! One and half hours, yall! I will see you at 10:30PM CST! MOAR EVENTS TO COME!

Apologies in advance for what my post-party self might have to say... but yay!

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