Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's a 3 day weekend here! OT

I’m so glad I have tomorrow off. SO GLAD.

I’m getting closer to finding out where I’m going next for work. I won’t go into the whole ‘bidding’ and ‘lobbying’ processing, but it’s complicated. I have preliminarily gotten confirmation that I’m #1 on a post’s list for IT section head, but I won’t get offered the job until the end of October. If that doesn’t come through, then here’s hoping another post on my list comes through! I’ve been much more competitive than I expected, but I also have been bidding on only medium-competitive posts. Either way, I must be saying the right things and my references much be coming through!


If I do get this one, I’ll be in a country that has a majority of women in their parliament.

Now OT time!  How’s your weekend shaped up?

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