Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's a Christmas miracle!

I went shopping last night for all the food I need for tonight's big family do. When I got back, the living room still look like something exploded. I said "screw it, I'll deal with that in the morning" and went to O-H's to finish wrapping gifts and make some of the treats for tonight. I came back at 1am, and... garbage is taken out, the living room is clean, the desk is cleared off, the tree is up, lights and garland on, ornaments on, stockings up... My 16 year old son decided that, since he couldn't sleep, he'd just go ahead and do all that for me. I just have to do the food and clean up the kitchen.

Kids (especially teenagers!) can be such a giant pain in the butt, and then they go and do something so sweet it makes you cry...


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