A few weeks ago my first ever (used) car's check engine light came on. I, being a first time car owner, was like, meh, its probably nothing, and IGNORED it. After a coworker checked my fluid levels and decided there was nothing wrong there, he recommended I go and get it scanned. It turned out to be a bad catalytic converter, that in the end, only cost me $316, but still, it was $316 I didn't have and my mom had to pay, which was a huge blow to my adulting.

YESTERDAY, I left work and went to my car, turned the key….and NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. So I ran back into our building hoping same said coworker was still there and could maybe jump my car. After an hour of trying, with the lights occasionally coming on, but the car never cranking, he determined it was probably the alternator or the starter, both of which can be expensive problems I guess. I arranged for a tow to come today, and spent the night anxiously crying and just generally having the sads.

Today, after specifying that my car was in a parking garage and that the clearance level was 7 feet, a ginormous tow truck came and told me he wouldn't be able to get it. He offered to walk up and try to determine what was up with my car though, so that was nice. After one turn of the key, he looked at me and said, "You have loose cables." And he fixed them right then and there.

MIRACLE I TELL YOU. I might celebrate with waffles for lunch.