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It's a Jezzie Car thread!

Aloha y'all. I got into a bit of a heated discussion at a body shop today about "the difference between men's cars and women's cars." And it kind of irritated me. The guy I was talking with posited that women do not develop emotional attachments to cars, and that we generally view them as appliances rather than hobbies or things we cherish. Which is BS, and kind of funny considering teh wimminz are supposed to be all emotional and attached to stuff, right? I know there are some women on here that are into cars, and I've met some in real life, too. :)

So, I want to take a quick poll/start a discussion with the fine ladies and gents of GT. Post a pic (if you want) of a car that you own or have owned, and tell me why you were/are/weren't/are not "attached" to it. Let's talk cars! Oh, and if you have some general car questions and such, feel free to ask here, too. I used to be a mechanic, and I work in the auto body repair industry now.


I'll go first. This is Faline. She is the third Evolution I have owned. She is special to me because of how I acquired her. I used to have a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track edition. It was bright yellow! I loved that car. It was my first rear wheel drive, and my first naturally aspirated "sports car." My ex convinced me it was a good idea to refinance it to a 12 month loan, to take advantage of a lower interest rate and to pay it off quicker. This made my car payment over $1.5k a month. But hey, we could afford it with his income. 10 days later, he left me. There was no way I could afford that payment, and the bank wouldn't let me refi until I made a few payments. Since ex also drained the savings and checking accounts when he left, that was not going to happen. I decided it was time to go out and get a Grown Up car. Maybe a Honda or something. I ended up stopping by the Mitsubishi dealership to look at a used Accord, and found out they had this Evo that had been sitting for quite a while. No one likes the red, apparently. It had all the options I wanted! I ended up using the last of the money in our joint account (which I was more than entitled to since the fucker ran off with over 20k) to make the down payment, traded in the Genesis (which also had equity) and got a new car, my dream car, with a payment lower than I originally had on the Genesis.

I felt guilty because I should have yanked that money out of the account and used it for furniture and stuff, but fuck it. I did it for me. I love this car. I have done all the modding myself. She puts down over 350 AWHP and around 375 ft lbs of torque. I smile every time I drive it.

I will never sell her.

I considered blacking out the plate, but I don't really care. It's a vanity plate and I love it. People still ask me if it's my boyfriend's car, though. I don't think it will be, but please don't mainpage!

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