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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's A Major Award

I got a package in the mail this morning from the publishing folks at Penguin!


Jolie Kerr from Ask A Clean Person had a contest a while back asking for nasty cleaning predicaments and my comment about being a stanky-ass piece worker at a medical marijuana farm won me a copy of her new book. Here's the swag!

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There was the book (super cute and also my clean freak roommate is going to flip when she sees it), a super sturdy tote (a tote for the ages, really), and a mini travel lint roller! Jolie probably had no idea how useful that last one would be since I am seeing a guy with two cats and I like to wear black. Bye bye adorable yet pesky cat hairs!

Now I have no excuse not to be clean. Damn.

But on the bright side anyone with scary cleaning questions can now Ask A Whistlingfish! I am the keeper of the book. I am the keeper of the knowledge. Wanna know how to clean your divacup? Ask away!

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