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It's a Quiz! with a Bonus Video!

Have we done this one yet? Which Magic Mike stripper is your Boyfriend?

Despite laughing hysterically when asked if I ever wanted to live in Florida, I got Magic Mike himself. Now I really want to know all the others!

  1. You are totally content being alone, but when you do settle down, you are a terrific partner. You're a fan of "the chase," because you love a LOT and want your partner to prove they are worthy before you commit. Clever and witty, you gravitate towards motivated self-starters who dance to "Pony" on the reg. Congrats on your future relationship with Magic Mike!! He is going to spoil you rotten.

  2. Thank you, Buzzfeed, for your bottomless pit of meaningless quizzes!
  3. Here's a bonus video, of Sound of Music Live!s Rolfe singin in his leiderhosen. I love theatre people, don't you?

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