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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's a Red Letter day for me...

and I don't mean that I got my period (thank glob. maybe I'll only have one this month)

Here at the Klew household we have been having frequent dsl connection issues. And, of course, it cannot possibly be AT&T's fault. Banish that thought from your mind. It MUST be on our end. So recently we upgraded to a faster package and that is helping with my TOTALLY LEGAL movie and tv download time but Noklew is still getting kicked out Xbox live frequently and, when watching Netflix or Amazon on our Roku, it will frequently stop and have to "reload".


ANYWAY we were out today and I suggested stopping at Best Buy (ughhh) to just price some newer modems and routers. I was thinking that since our modem is not new at all it may not be having problems handling the better DSL package.

As I was browsing the modems a male salesperson comes up and asks if we need help and of course Noklew says "yes". The guy starts asking questions about what our issue is and we are answering but when he starts asking hardware and networking questions Noklew puts up his hand and says "I know nothing about any of that tech stuff. You need to talk to her" AND THE GUY DOES. He starts conversing with me, exclusively, about what we have and what we need and so on. It was totally unprecedented. And he talked me out of buying an expensive modem and suggest I try a moderately priced Netgear Powerline Ethernet Adapter kit*. He said that I had 15 days to try it and if it didn't help with what we needed then we could bring it back and try a new modem.


If we have to go back I sure hope this guy is there because I would rather do business with him again than any of the other people there.

*when he was explaining how the kit worked Noklew says "I don't know. That sound like some kind of dark voodoo stuff". Now you know why he calls me in to fix his cell phone, xbox, computer...

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