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It's a sad day...

My sister called me tonight to tell me that our sweet bunny has gone to the great hutch in the sky. He was at least 13 years old, which is pretty good for a little bunny!

I had rescued him about 12 years ago from an asshole pet store owner who should never have been responsible for another life. Bunny was “getting old” (a year old, tops) and was “unsellable”, so this cretin just stuck his cage outside in the alley. No food, no water, just left him out there in the winter, basically to die.

A friend told me about this and I marched myself right over and got me a bunny rabbit. And then I marched over to the police station and told them all about it. That pet store closed about a month later and the owner disappeared.


Bunny lived with me for several years, hopping around, annoying the cats, eating veggies, and generally spoiled rotten. When we moved here, I was only allowed the 2 cats, so my mom took him (and my dog :( I miss him, too). Mom did her best for him, but he spent more time in his gigantic cage there, because she was kind of uncomfortable with rabbits.

My sister got him 2 years ago when she moved back here. Bunny spent his twilight years once again hopping about, annoying cats, and eating all the fresh fruit and veg any bunny could want.

(sorry if it’s huge) Here is our beloved bunny in his last hours, happily nomming on kale and strawberries. RIP, O’Neill, we will never forget you.

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