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It's a Thanksgiving miracle, everyone!

I just came back from having Turkey Day lunch with my girlfriend's family, and it was totally not awkward for once.

Going to family functions with my girlfriend generally entails extreme awkwardness and misery because her conservative and ignorant grandmother usually runs the show and thus there's a high chance my girlfriend will be misgendered and get really upset.


Today, however, the meal was hosted my girlfriend's mother and in addition to us, it was just her parents, her two siblings, and the siblings' SO's. And it went okay. My gf's brother and wife, whom everyone pretty much hates, were shoved off to their own side table to share with their infant son, so that was pretty satisfying. The food was actually good, too. My gf's mother can't cook for shit, but apparently my gf's father can, and they had a friend smoke (!) the turkey for them.

The best part is my gf's father randomly gave me a small pressure canner (y'all know how much I love canning) that he had sitting unused in the garage. Score!

I am still kind of in shock about all of this as I was anticipating having a seriously shitty time today.

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