What happened yesterday:

1) taught my 8:30am class

2) got back to my neighborhood at 10:30am and placed a pickup order for my usual veggie burger

3) grabbed my bags and pet Bobby goodbye

4) picked up my veggie burger from the bodega

5) hailed a cab 2 seconds later

4) got to LGA < 30 minutes later

5) waited in the security checkpoint line for, I dunno, 2 minutes

6) got to my gate, sat down to eat my veggie burger, and it was STILL WARM! I mean, it was wrapped in aluminum foil, but still! Wasn't expecting to eat a warm veggie burger by the time I sat down at the airport...


7) putzed around on GT until my flight left ON TIME!!!

8) plane arrived at FLL early!


^This is a view of the Everglades by plane!