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“It's a Woman's World”

Oh, for fuck's sake. So, I'm perusing an article on Linkedin about what not to say during salary negotiation. It was geared towards women, since women are already valued less than men in the workplace and don't traditionally try to negotiate their salaries.

There's some good advice in there like, don't say "I'm sorry" when asking for a raise and don't "discount your worth." Probably advice we all need when were out in the job market looking for a new job or even trying to move up in our current positions.

Obviously, I read the comments. Because, what else am I going to do. There's some good comments like this one:


BUT WAIT! There's this guy, who apparently, lives on Venus.


I'm not even sure how to approach the wrongness in his comment, since it is CLEARY not a "woman's world." He is so out of touch it is frightening.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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