Scroll through it, ignore it, roll your eyes. I don't care.

After everything, I am sitting here feeling like an insanely shitty person for having thought of the Dump idea, making a comment about said idea on a thread, and then putting time and effort into creating something worthwhile with Ubertrout.

I haven't been actively involved in the Dump for a while because of life reasons and trying to keep the semester from hell from eating me alive/causing another breakdown. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to have a say in this anymore because of having had to step away.

That doesn't mean that I'm not sitting here, feeling awful, because if the Dump had never been created, then this whole mess wouldn't've happened. If I could press a button and have the Dump disappear, I'm 95% sure that I would.

I think that we have a tendency sometimes to forget that Groupthink is user generated. Without us it wouldn't really function and would just sit on a shelf getting dusty. Everything on Groupthink is personally made with time and effort. Robots (I <3 you Shiny) void of feelings aren't sitting there typing. Even if that time and effort is comprised of five seconds and three cat GIFs, it is still something that an actual real live person sat down to do.

Up until now I've always been of the mind that, when this semester and various crises were over, I wanted to resume my role in the Daily Dump. Now? I don't know. I think I'm going to step away from Groupthink for a long enough period of time so that all of the feelings can be felt about the Dump, processed, and then be done with.


I mean, for chrissakes, I'm sitting here feeling like I should apologize for taking all the things said about the Dump personally. I'm just done.