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Hi folks! Just popping in to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. It's been a rough week, but I'm getting there.

We're on day 8 since the split, and so far Mr. Waffle and I have decided to live apart for the foreseeable future, set up another bank account for him (his checks don't get direct deposited and our bank is an hour's drive away), and divvy up SOME of the furniture. I'm staying in our apartment, with the cats and plants, and he and I are sharing the car.

The biggest surprise is how angry I have NOT been. Either I've lived with his antics for so long nothing phases me anymore, or I am so stupid in love that I'm willing to forgive all of his bullcrap. Either way, the only thing I've been mad about are his parents, who thoroughly fucked up his worldview, his independence, and his ability to have a normal relationship. For those of you who aren't up to speed on my in-laws: they are master manipulators who use money as a lure and shame as a weapon. One half of the duo invites you in, promising love and help, the other slits you open to watch you bleed and then demands even more of you.


However, to their credit (begrudgingly), my FIL hasn't suggested any sort of legal action against me, and I think Mr. Waffle is starting to see that he needs to tell them "no" more. Once again, his mom offered to pay him, and pay FOR him, to go back to school, as if he's not a nearly-forty-year-old and doesn't need to learn to live a normal life, one in which work is a necessity and a thing actual humans do (I fucking hate my in-laws).

We've gotten together a couple of times, but you know about that. I spent the weekend with my folks. My mom and I went shopping on Saturday and made cookies on Sunday. I helped with laundry and cleaning, they made me hot cocoa and dinner. It was fantastic. My dad was going to drive me back home last night, but he'd worked all day and I had an outfit I bought on Saturday that I could wear to work (yay, free laundry at mom and dad's!), so he drove me home this morning. Mom packed me a lunch, complete with fruit salad and Christmas cookies.

My little sister has been my champion and attack dog, if necessary, through all this. She and I joke that even though I'm older, she's my big little sister because she takes care of me. I'm pathetic, and she loves me anyway.


I really want to thank you all for the love and support and check-ins. You're truly an amazing group of people. Thanks for being so fucking cool, yo.

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