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I walked in a Mardi Gras parade on Saturday (as I do every year). I fared better than usual. Part of my hair is stained neon red (which is from that stinky spray people use to color their hair since I hate wigs), and my face has yellow splotches because for some reason the yellow facepaint stains (it's the same brand as the rest!!). Every year I manage to permanently color myself in some way.

I only broke one toe (I think), and my voice started coming back today! I'm only at a half-Lohan at this point. I do feel like I got beaten up by toddlers with baseball bats, but I don't feel like I got beaten up by adults with bats, so win? Also, I think my hangover will be gone by tomorrow. That's good news, since tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I took the day off work to get drunk all day.


I am one of the main creative forces (aka "bossy micromanagers") behind our float, so I had to show you guys the finished product.

And now, a round of applause for Doxxy McDoxxpants.

(I was a triceratops, although I don't actually have a full body shot that I can find). In the pic of our float (which is the best one I could find), those two beautiful dinosaurs, Esmeralda and her little boyfriend Rocky, are partying in a hot tub (an homage to a formerly nude pool). They are about to go extinct because of an ASSteroid (because we are immature) - it's a comment on the many rules and ordinances that are being written that somewhat trample on NOLA's lifestyle, like bans on live music in some historic bars, the new smoking ban that only I like, and this pool that can no long allow nudity because it has been accused of being "indecent" (read: gay-friendly).

In case you can't see, Esmeralda has tan lines and Rocky is holding her bikini top. She is also doing poppers and smoking because she parties. Rocky is a musician when he is not busy taking off Esmeralda's bikinis.


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