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So, as some of you may know, I have been a little ball of stress and anxiety the past couple months. In October, Mr. Peachy was offered the opportunity to work abroad for six months-2 years. On top of that, I'm finishing my last semester of school and applied to an internship I have been working toward for 4 years in February. I am someone that likes to plan things and hates having my life be out of my control. Mr. Peachy leaves on Saturday and I haven't known where I'll be living in 4 months, whether it be in one of those cities, in the UK with Mr. Peachy, or here at home working to get more experience to try for an internship again next year. I applied to 5 internships in different cities with different start dates. I had no idea what my chances were of being accepted, as I talked about here when I was freaking out over how to order my preferences. To make a long story short, out of the 5, I only knew that 2 did interviews for sure and I only had one interview. I wasn't feeling very hopeful (the match rate is only ~50%).

However, yesterday at 6pm is when the match results were posted online. I am happy to announce that I was accepted to my first choice (good thing I lost a few years of my life stressing out over the rankings, haha)! I feel SO RELIEVED, not only because of that, because I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE.

I'll be moving for about 8 months in July and hopefully spending June with Mr. Peachy abroad.



It may be Monday, but please share any good things going on with you. Or just happy dancing gifs.

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