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It's all hitting me at once-Incoherent whining below

So for the first time in my life I've had to lawyer up. Last month I got hit with 3 tickets totaling 8 points from a jerk-off baby cop who probably writes fucking ridiculous tickets and then masturbates over his power.

It's a god-damn tiny town who's whole revenue is brought in by giving out fucking tickets. I haven't had a ticket in years only two before. One years ago for being stupid and on my cellphone. The other I was in a turn only lane and went straight rather than risk getting lost, except that time the cop was nice to me.

The prosecuter wouldn't let me speak, wouldn't negotiate and I couldn't have 8 points it would kill me for years on insurance, possibly getting my insurance dropped on my 2013 Elantra. My Dad's friend who's a liutenant in a for real town where they have actual crime, keeps telling me I'm okay still. He said that I should ask for the adjournment. So I went and used a lawyer the Geekboy's family uses.*


Its just more money that I'm making appear out of nowhere. I put my student loans on forebearance to catch up and so far it's just paying for this nonsense. A personal loan I took out in college will be paid this month, and I won't get to enjoy that. It's just all hitting me at once and now I'm super down. Send gifs, send hugs, send anything.

ETA: So I don't get upset by anyone else. Its worth noting that this town is constantly under investigation for bogus tickets and police attitude did make national headlines last year. He was inconsistant about my speed on the ticket, I'll take the hit on the double line but since it was empty no one was in peril if I even did it. Legit don't know or think so but not familiar with the sad little town. I'd rather not dox myself by saying much more.

*Geekboy is 100% Italian, so my friends keep teasing that Geekboy got me a guy to take care of things.

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