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It's all starting to come together - decision time

I just want to start with: I'm lucky, insanely lucky and privileged, please feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up at any point.

But I'm really excited: I've just had three bits of good news that has pretty much vindicated the last few months of living out of my backpack in a city and country that is not my home (but I'd rather like it to be) and eating "interesting" combinations of noodles and Kangaroo (it's a really cheap meat here).

In the last few months I've slept in hostels of varying quality, unpacked and repacked my rucksack at least 38 times, re-ironed the same shirt at least 40 times, witnessed drunken fuelled backpacker orgies, been pissed on from the upper bunk, been vomited on, killed 4 spiders bigger than my hand, ignored the million others that I can't see but know are there, ignored one of my best friends having sex in the bed next to me, drunk myself insensible several times to stop wondering if now's the time to book a return ticket to preserve the last of my savings and probably inhaled an insane amount of cockroach faeces.


However! Today I received two job offers - I hate making decisions but I need to make one by the end of tomorrow - they're both great, one carries more risk and no guarantee of sponsorship, but is for a globally known company, whereas the other carries way less and is for an unknown company. My usual behaviour would normally go "screw it, risk is more fun," but I'm supposed to be getting better at this whole adulting thing. Needs more thought...

Also - I viewed the perfect flat (apartment/condo) on Monday, sharing with a really cool girl, she just texted me to say it's mine if I want it as apparently I'm the most sane out of everyone she's seen (hehe... she'll learn). She's also texted me to ask if it's ok if she rescues Penelope:

I sit on the fence with Team Dog/ Team Cat so of course I answered with a "HELL YES".


IT'S ALL BEEN WORTH IT - I'm living in SYDNEY now!

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