How appreciative people are when you tip them or are just nice in general.

Today, I had to make a run to the bakery to get a bunch of things for tomorrow. The line was out the door and the three women working the counter were running ragged. Between running into the kitchen and all over the bakery to get stuff for customers, they all looked like they were about to pass out. Not to mention, I knew I was being a bit of a pain in the ass because I added a couple of things on and spent a couple of minutes inquiring about cookie prices.

I was obviously as kind as possible the whole time (cuz 1 - I work in customer service and 2 - have worked on/around the holidays in various jobs and 3 - the woman helping me was a sweetheart and super helpful), and I ended up with like $35 worth of stuff. I gave the chick $40 and put the $5 she gave me back in the tip jar.


And holy shit, she was like "OH MY GOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH." I was pretty taken aback but I just smiled and said "oh, it's no problem."

I also had to make a few other stops today and any time I told a cashier "thank you, have a happy Thanksgiving!" they were super appreciate and smiled so big, like no one said that to them all day. My cashier in Rite Aid looked miserable and then when I said thank you and happy Thanksgiving, she got this HUGE smile on her face.

What the fuck, people of NYC? I know it's gross out and everyone's broke lately, but be nice to the people working this week. Come on.