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It's an age-old problem: you love going on strenuous,

long-distance hikes through the mountains with a pack on your back containing just the essentials but you also live to quaff a beer from only the most micro of breweries and a six-pack is just too damn heavy to carry along. What are you to do? How will you survive on the trail without this life-giving artisanal nectar? Well, worry no more, beer-loving hiker, some outfit called Pat's Backcountry Beverages has invented just-add-water beer. All you need are PBB's packets of beer concentrate, specially-designed carbonation device and some water (from a pure mountain stream, of course). Voila, you will soon be kicking back by the campfire that you built yourself with a refreshing, clear beer that is definitely not club soda. Happy days are here again!


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