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Its Awful When People Drive Through The Aisles (parking lot)

So sayeth my mother. Drive through the aisles means you ignore the lanes between the aisles where cars park and just drive..We were heading towards the grocery store in the grocery store plaza and this woman drove through two aisles then parked that’s when she said it.

You will never in a million zillion trillion years guess what my mother was doing at that exact same moment.






Doing the EXACT same thing. But did she just drive through one aisle where cars park? Nope. Two. Come on it has to be just two. Nope. Don’t tell me three. Oh no. Four aisles. Yup four. As soon as she hit the parking lot she got off the road part and headed at an angle towards the parking spots in front of the door. One day a car will be pulling out, not see us coming at an angle and boom. At this one grocery store and plaza she does this all the time.

She did realize what she said as said “well yes I shouldn’t do this but she still shouldn’t do it and neither should you”.

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