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It's been a busy week and a half

The last day of school was June 26 and on June 29, I started taking a summer course about teaching Kindergarten. My course is a small city near where I live, and on the second day of the course, Mr. Ivriniel rode into the city with me, so he could visit the local business development centre. His day turned into a bit of a misadventure, which included a cabbie who got lost. He ended up walking a rather long distance down a wooded trail, where he ran into a coyote.

He scared the coyote off, and continued on his way. After he was done at the business development centre, he decided to get a bite to eat. Somehow he ended up going north when he meant to go south and walked a rather long distance (for people who know Oakville, he walked from the QEW to Highway 5 up Bronte) looking for somewhere to get a bite.

The next day his leg was kind of sore, but we didn’t think anything of it, on account of all the walking he had done. He had something that looked like bruising on his calf, which seemed a little odd, but he’s clumsy, so I figured he ran into something. For the rest of week, his leg was hurting, and swollen, and seemed to be getting worse. By Saturday, I was getting concerned, and offered to drive him to the Dr. He turned me down. By Sunday, I was worried enough that I told him he was going to the Doctor, and his only choice was between a walk in and the emergency room. By this point his leg was red from his ankle to 3/4’s up his thigh.


He chose the emergency room (the nearest walk in open on Sunday is the next city over) and sat for several hours before seeing a Doctor, who diagnosed him with cellulitis, and put him on I.V. antibiotics on an outpatient basis. Monday and Tuesday, he had to go back to the hospital for his iv’s. Tuesday, the Doctor doubled his dose, but ordered up a homecare nurse to administer the iv’s at home. So we now have an IV pole in our living room. Right now they say he will be on the IV until Sunday, and then he will have a 10 day course of oral antibiotics.

For the most part he is feeling better. His leg is less red, and he says it doesn’t hurt as much.

On the downside, he seems to be getting antibiotic induced diarrhea. I am trying to get him to eat active culture yogurt, and homemade fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented Swiss chard). He eats them if I put them in front of him (in the right form, like yogurt and salsa mixed together as dip for tortilla chips), but doesn't seem to be eating them much when I am in class. I think we are going to have to hit up the health food store down the street for some probiotic supplements.

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