Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's been a crappy few weeks, so happy things!!!!

So, for various reasons, I have had a really crappy few weeks. I got dumped, re-attached, then left again because he's not ready for anything after his last long relationship. There was the death of a family member, and multiple pets(MULTIPLE!). And now I'm kind of being forced out of my job. Which isn't bad on the whole, I hate my job, but it sucks to be escorted to the door instead of leaving on my own fuck you terms. My emotional state of mind is best represented by this cat freaking the fuck out. So let's get some happy shit!


First, just posted this in the comments on Dirt Bag, but is this the best scene ever, or the BEST SCENE EVER?

And, while this isn't my favorite Sara Bareilles song, this video makes me so happy. Dancers of all shapes, sizes, and colors? Nothing overly sexualized? Just joy? And the dude's commentary at the end? All of it makes me smile.

So, anyone else got some good, joy making stuff?

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