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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's Been a Long Week

And it’s only Monday. We are pulling our son out of the Immersion school. He was in trouble every day last week with some major and minor refferals, and a day of in school suspension.

After a bit of Google fu it turns out both his teachers and the kid he’s been “bullying” are all members of the same church. My mom has been volunteering at the classroom since the year started and she confirms that it is not wee man that is the problem, though he rises to the bait.


I’m pissed. He is headed back to the local school next week. We took him out this week and are taking turns staying home.

Have any of you had shit school experiences for your kiddos? My wife and I did, and we both checked out after that. Just trying to do better for him I guess.

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