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It's been a week - inane whine

I'm working 7 days a week. That shit sucks unwashed balls.

BUT - I really am much more productive when I'm ridiculously busy, so that's a bonus. But I'm hungry. And it's past 9 on a Sunday, everything is closed, and no one fucking delivers to where I live right now anyway. I have food, but I have to cook it, and I'm tired.

BTW, as someone who does food delivery as part-time job (hey low stress, super flexible second job), if you're ordering food and tipping less than $5, I hate you. I don't care the amount of the order, it's more than likely the delivery person is taking at least a 1/2 hour of their time and consuming gas to facilitate your laziness. $5 minimum or I think you're an asshole. (I had a bunch of small bullshit orders today that didn't tip more than like $2, and it was fucking hot, and day 7 of my week, and day 6 is the longest, so I am tired.) I made $8 an hour today as an independent contractor that has to pay for gas and car depreciation, and that is just a load of fuck no.


I am grumpy pants.

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