Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's been A WHILE

Hello group think. So much has happened! I moved into a new apartment, I have a new steady job AND I want to go back to school for accounting! Big excitement….

However, I'm still having trouble making friends in this town and it's bumming me out. My one good friend, as I discovered, is quick to attach herself to a man and forget about me completely. I can survive on my own, I've done it before, the problem is, is we are roommates. So her brushoff is even more apparent and thus harder to ignore.


The last episode is her telling me this weekend that she was going to a big fun house party and then just not inviting me. I understand that an invite is not always guaranteed, I've just never had someone call me their best friend and then parade fun activities around in front of my face. Weird.

Anyway, there is an important question that I have, it looks like the best option for school right now is The University of Phoenix. Anyone have any experience with them? Any info at all would be helpful, even if it's just anecdotal.

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