Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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and HOLY SHIT! What is this new format nonsense? I just wanted to talk with you & now I don't know what the hell will happen until I tap "publish." I'm sure y'all have discussed this, but I missed the discussions. I am a late adapter; I hate change.


My hands are torn up, cut up with minor bleeding ; my hands fucking hurt. My body is rebelling & hurting. My feet are screaming at me.

Still, I LOVE MY JOB! Sorry, but I do.

Physical, mental, high stress work with terrible consequences for mistakes. The "wants & needs" are never aligned with the amount of time I'm given. Decisions are delayed to the point of head shaking. Not unlike many of the women here. We all have our work burdens & they are all analogous, so I know you all get it. The freelancers among us will especially relate.


I've managed not to fuck up more than a tiny bother over the course of my career, and I still manage to sleep most nights because it's so physical and I'm so fucking tired at days end. Biology 101. However, until I finally go to bed, I'm a tightly wound up spring. Like a Slinky with no stairs to travel.

This week was brutally, wonderfully creative. Made 8 sets in 2 days. My body hurts, but my heart sings because of this ONE set. Here is why:

This location had brick walls, plywood doors & a lot of tools laying about. That's all. Here is the build....It may show upside down. It was right side up when i attached it. Kinjaa...

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