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It's been an up-y down-y sort of a day

I never had any vaccination injections when I was little - I was a first child born around the time of a major scare about the MMR vaccine and my Mum wasn't comfortable with it - but the plan has always been to get them when I was older. Now I'm an adult and off to university and all, this seemed like a good time. So I went and got the first shots of my life. Three of them.

I also didn't get the HPV vaccine when they were giving it at my school, since my family don't like how our government use kids at state schools as guinea pigs (they didn't give them at private schools). Now I'm an adult I'm in a position to make the decision for myself. Except I can't, because it has been decreed that us grown lady-skanks probably already have HPV, so why bother? The vaccine is only available to those under 18, regardless of whether one is sexually active or not. Awesome move government!


When I got out of the doctor's I discovered I had a voicemail from my school saying that the physics paper, which for certain reasons had left me 1 mark away from an A* in physics overall, had returned from the remark I paid £48 for, and they had the result, but that I would have to come in to my school to get it. I live 2 hours away from my school, so there was no way I could have gotten there before 4 O'clock today, and monday is a bank holiday, so the earliest I could have gotten them was Tuesday. I've already spent over a month stressing about my results, only to be slightly disappointed when I got them, and had to apply for the remark, and the thought of waiting another 3 days when I knew the results were there was infuriating. Luckily I called and persuaded them to scan it and send it to my student email, and then had the moment of exhilaration as I opened it, followed by the let down of not being able to understand anything it said, since every exam board feels in necessary to include 20 columns of unrelated information in every results letter. So I had to call my school again to ask them. Luckily the remark had gone in my favour, and I got that one mark that I needed, because I think that if it had all been for nothing at this point, I would have just curled up into a ball and watched daytime television for the rest of the holiday.

TL;DR: I got a really good grade in physics, but someone (a professional) stuck three needles in my arm and it hurts.

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