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I’ve been incredibly busy and I was in Italy for a couple of weeks. I posted before about how nervous I was to go to Italy and meet my boyfriend’s family because they do not speak English.

Well...it was difficult but not impossible! I learned how to say “I am full” in Italian (Sono piena) because his mom tried to stuff me with delicious food constantly. She knows how to say “SIT DOWN” and “EAT” in English.


One big no no I learned the hard way: I tried to get up and wash dishes with Italian mama and the entire family freaked out. “SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN” Apparently, it’s very insulting and you’re not supposed to do anything, at least in North Italy. In U.S., I would feel like such an asshole if I didn’t offer to help clean after a hug family meal.

Another note, Verona and Florence are insanely beautiful. Brescia is also a nice, smaller city that I never even knew about before I met my boyfriend.

Anyway, hi everyone!

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