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'It's Beneath me'

I've heard too many people say this to me this week, which has of course stacked on every other time I've heard someone give this excuse.

I'm gonna use college in the Canadian sense, which I believe means community college in the States rather than university.


I work several jobs, one I am an adjunct college professor (instructor, but they call me professor, so I'm gonna accept it.) My other totally opposite job is that I occasionally do janitorial work. I have a few others that I cycle around, so if I sound like I have too many unrelated jobs, it's because I do.

The pay is good and I'm treated better than as an adjunct. However, I got this job because it was beneath the person who was originally hired to do it. He was suppose do office stuff and janitorial work, but it's beneath him. This pissed me off because

A) He's implied it's women's work and thus lesser work (Boss A made him clean the toilets and other even more dirty things when he heard this and gets livid when I clean because he thinks I should be using my brain. (Boss A is not a feminist, he hates lazy people) Boss B just wants it done and done well, which I do both.)

B) He's too educated for that kind of work. I'm gonna be a class-ist asshole. He has less education than me. He didn't finish college. There's nothing wrong with not going to college or not finishing, but don't tell the bloody prof that you are better than them because of your education and that your educational background makes it so you don't have to do certain kinds of work. That is bat shit crazy. (I hear a lot slurs against profs and educated people at my work and how stupid we are)


I said "Dude, I have a Masters degree and I can operate a mop." They giggled, and that when the 'but you're a woman and thus better suited for that kind of work' came in and Boss A lost his shit. (Boss A also use to clean the bathroom) It's not beneath me to do this work. It needs to be done. I get paid for it. I wouldn't want to work at McDonald's, but if I needed the money I would do it because it's not beneath me to be financial stable. (Also, I hear they have flexible hours)

C) Don't work a job where you aren't going to do part of what is asked of you.

It's okay to refuse unsafe work. It's okay to refuse work that isn't on your contract. But it's not okay to refuse work that you are contracted to do.


Now we've hired a person to clean and paint, and she has also refused to clean the bathrooms or mop. She is hired to clean. "It's too gross, It's beneath me."



When I was hired to paint, I also cleaned the damn floors because a shit room still looks like shit if you just paint the walls. It was also what I was contacted to do. Not to mention they also have pissed all over the toilet. She uses the guest bathroom which is never dirty and now it's fucking gross. They are literally creating the bathroom they are so scared of.

Oh I'm technically the 'entitled Millennial' in this story, everyone else is a bloody Gen-Xer.

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