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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!

Which means that I have 3 separate dinners to go to. The first is with Mr. I's sister and her family, and their Mom. Tomorrow is with Mr. I's Dad. Monday is with my family.

So today Mr. I called his Dad because we hadn't heard from him, and asked him what we should bring.


He asked us to bring THE HAM. Um, I could be wrong, but generally when one is hosting an event like Thanksgiving, is it not the host's responsibility to procure the main dish? Especially when said main dish takes a couple of hours to cook?

I'm wondering if I can cook it at home, wrap it up really well, jump in the car, drive for an hour, and then serve it right away? I really don't relish the idea of sitting around his house for a few hours while the ham cooks, then eating, and then hanging around some more after dinner. My FiL's creepy, ultraconservative loner friend is going to be there for dinner, too, which ads to the fun. What diatribe will we get this year? The one about how Sikh truck drivers only get licensed because of affirmative action? Or the one about how he shouldn't have to pay for machines on public transit that announce the stops for the blind, because he is sighted and doesn't take the bus?

Of course that would require my FiL to be organized enough that he'd be ready to eat when we got there, which is kind of unlikely. I guess I just hope that his oven is big enough to fit the ham and the scalloped potatoes he is apparently making.

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