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It's Cleaning Day on GT -- What Are You Listening To?

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Inspired by everybody's posts and posts and comments about the massive cleaning, sorting, laundering, de-cluttering, and floor excavating that's going on today, I want to know what music you use to help keep your cleaning energy up!


I'll start — my cleaning music is symphonic Finnish power metal, specifically Sonata Arctica. It has ceaseless energy, big metal riffs, ostentatious keyboards, catchy melodies, I know every lyric by heart, and the music puts me in a nostalgic happy place with amazing memories.


Here's one of their big hits — it's perfect for a super intense burst of doing whatever short task you're really avoiding for whatever reason. Ignore the boring video.

Here's someone's Sonata Arctica playlist, the contents of which I approve:

Note — this band is bad for hangovers, but MOST MUSIC IS BAD FOR HANGOVERS, in my opinion. If I'm hungover, the only way I function is in silence.


What about you?

(Image: album cover of For the Sake of Revenge DVD)

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