Since I'll be starting a new job December 1, I decided to get my cookie baking done now (well, next Saturday), while I'm on my break. My plan for this year:

  • Spicy Gingerbread cookies (new for me this year) - Done!
  • Sugar cookies - Done!
  • Buckeyes
  • Oatmeal bars - Done!
  • Chocolate chip - Done!
  • Dream bars
  • Potato candy
  • Chocolate crinkles - Done!
  • Fudge

If you want the recipes that I use, you can find them here.

Also, while I was hunting for an image for this post, I found these cookies that I seriously think are Pinterest-bait:

Hot cocoa cookies

I mean, look at that cookie. Cookies like that are not made in kitchens. They're made by those Japanese food artists that make food out of plastic and wax.

... That will not stop me from attempting them, though.