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It's Cool, GT-Buddies -- You Do Not Need to Apologize For Posting

So, a lot of people start their posts with apologies, either because they don't think what they have to say is important or (more commonly) they're already made a post that day. I've seen this since I started on Groupthink, and while I realize that all of the people who do this are just trying to be polite...you don't need to do this. Really, it's OK. Post as many times in one day as you want, about whatever you want. Go nuts.

Groupthink is not a zero-sum game. More posts = better because it means more shit for us to read and dick around on when we're stuck bored and doing something we don't want to do (like work). Three posts in a day is A POSITIVE THING. There's no "YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO POST ONCE A DAY, GAWD" rule you're breaking. The GT police are not going to come arrest you and force you to look at spacecat pictures until you are REALLY, REALLY SORRY. You are not monopolizing the Groupthink space, because there is not a finite amount of space on Groupthink. We don't operate under a bandwidth cutoff where only a certain number of posts/words may be made in one day. OK, if I made like ten posts in a row that were each one word long, THAT would be something to complain about (more for lack of creativity than anything), but if you have interesting shit to say or discussions to foster, say it/foster them. Hell, if you DON'T have anything interesting to say, but just need to vent, post that fucker anyway. If you want to post and you have ze powah...post. No one will get mad at you for doing so. I mean, I guess it's theoretically possible someone might get mad at you for doing so, but fuck 'em. Anyone who would get mad about someone posting three times (or, fuck it, six times) in one day is a goddamned idiot.

Shit, I've never even been in the slightest way annoyed at seeing multiple posts from anyone I DIDN'T like on here, because I have a magical button that allows me to scroll past things I'm not interested in reading (IT'S TRUE! The internet is a wonderful and mysterious place), most of which involve nail art and/or the relative success of OKCupid dates (not that posts about such are typically done by people I don't like, those are separate examples of things I just generally don't have much interest in). But you know what? THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE POSTS! They're just not for me. And that's cool; plenty of people don't want to hear about my DoucheBro safaris or whatever other stupid/random shit I post, and they can just scroll on past. Ain't no hate here for that.

I'm starting to realize people might take this as angry because I'm swearing a lot (and for some fucking reason, people who don't know me well often think that means I'm fucking angry when I'm fucking not, fuckity fuck fuck McGillicutty ballsacks), but it isn't. I'm just trying to communicate that no one should be afraid to post. The only thing that really bothers me is that anyone thinks they're not important enough to post more than X amount of times in one day, because none of us is more or less important than anyone else.

It makes me wonder why anyone would feel the need, ever, to apologize for posting...well...ANYTHING. Maybe this is partially a socialization thing — I know women in American society are socialized to feel like they need to apologize for speaking up, but if that's the case, this is the time to realize that you don't need to do that. Speak up. Your voice is valued.

Your posts also don't need to meet some standard of Journalistic Excellence; I've been mainpaged twice in the last two weeks for stupid bullshit about foods I don't like because I'm emotionally a fucking eight-year-old. Post whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want, as many times as you fucking want, and do you know why? Because someone will want to read it, or even if no one does, it will make you feel better for writing it, and there is no way that the frequency or intellectual importance (a nebulous concept anyway) of your posts should have any bearing on whether you make them. Hell, Whiskey made a fucking post about Doorknobs That Shouldn't Exist, and you know what? IT WAS FUCKING BANANATIMES AWESOMETOWN.

Anyway, sorry for posting once in one day.


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