Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It's David Bowie Tuesday (In My Mind)

My love for Bowie (aka The Sovereign-and don't ruin my dreams by saying he might not be The Sovereign my Venture Jezzies!) knows no bounds. I loved Ziggy Stardust the best. I even rocked that look for a while...not for me-orange mullet, never again!

So today, since it's going to be a long-ass week, I want to declare today David Bowie Tuesday! Let's dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. The Goon Squad is coming to town. Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years! I didn't even have to look up any of these lyrics...


Song time!

Starman, my all time favorite:

Rebel Rebel:

Golden Years on fucking SOUL TRAIN!:

All The Young Dudes, LIVE!:

I totally just posted like, four Bowie songs. Pretty much aware that I posted three Ziggy videos, and one sorta current one. But it's David Bowie day, and I don't care! If you're celebrating, post some of your favs. I'll watch them at school and dance in the library.


And to my Venturoos...

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